Teazaar Benefits

In this article we try to explain the benefits of using the Teazaar way for tea farms, tea shops and tea lovers.

Tea farms, tea shops and tea lovers:

1. Tea growers can promote their good quality tea on the platform and sell this tea in small quantities to tea experts
2. Local tea experts buy from tea growers directly and sell this tea to their local customers
3. Tea lovers can find all information about good tea, the tea grower and their local tea expert

All tea information is available on one platform. The audience and local tea experts decide what tea from which tea growers is good. The local tea expert knows what tea their customers appreciate

What happens?

All tea growers (small and big farms) can promote their tea garden and products by registering on the platform
All tea experts (tea shops, tea houses, restaurants, lunchrooms, etc) can promote their business and the teas they sell on Teazaar
Teazaar will actively promote sustainable tea growers
Teazaar will actively promote the platform online and on tea fairs
Tea growers can only sell their own teas. Tea growers can produce and sell small quantities of great tea. We do not consider 10kg of great tea as a small amount.
Teazaar will actively search unique tea farms and assist them by registering for the platform. Teazaar will take care as well of translating the info from tea growers into English and Chinese.

Tea growers are encouraged to produce good quality, organic tea
Can earn more money
Compete for quality
Can promote themselves

Local tea experts are encouraged to sell good quality, organic tea
Have more choice
Are more secure about the quality
Know more about the growers and their tea
Know more about what their customers prefer
Can promote themselves to a local audience

Tea lovers drink the best safe tea for reasonable prices

They are secure about the quality of the tea they drink
Know how to prepare their tea
Tea lovers know that they support organic and sustainable tea farming
And know where to find good tea nearby where they live

Everyone, including the environment benefits. These are the Teazaar Benefits.