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We need the help of the tea community. We have the mission to change the world of tea, but cannot do this without help.

How can you help:

Ask the sustainable tea farms you know to join.
Ask this great tea shop you know to join.
And join as a tea lover, write articles, taste teas, comment and rate.

The more sustainable tea farms join, the more great tea shop joins and the more tea lovers join, the bigger the change that we can make a real difference.

Our aim is a teatopia. Small-scale tea farms surrounded by forest, high in the mountains offering a variety of hand-picked and traditionally processed the tea. Local tea shop owners offering a wide range of wonderful teas, telling enthusiastic to their customers about where their tea is from, what the differences in flavors, fragrances, processing methods and terroir are. Happy tea lovers who only drink high-quality tea, for all reasonable prices.

The small-scale tea farmers can enjoy their lives and are not exposed to any chemicals, local environments are restored or protected. Villagers can get honey, herbs, fruits, nuts and vegetables from the areas surrounding the small tea garden and they can drink water directly from the mountains. The forest with big trees on top of the mountain takes care that the water keeps flowing all your round. Tea lovers from all over the world hike up to the mountain and stay at the small bed&breakfast the tea farm owner is offering and enjoy every day a meal from local food with an amazing cup of tea.

Small tea shop owners don’t need to compete with big coffee and tea companies. The tea lovers take care that the most professional tea shop owners will have a good business and can continue offering the best teas for the area the tea shop is based. Members of the Teazaar community take care of each other and the environment. The tea shop owner receives information from its Teazaar group about what teas he/she should offer, so that the selection is perfect for the local tea lovers community. All these communities keep testing the teas and take care that the quality of the teas keeps going up.

The Teazaar community cares about good quality, about biodiverse tea areas, about good quality water, about knowledgeable tea shop owners, and that the sustainable tea farms plus great tea shops can have a stable business, that’s part of our sustainability as well.

We won’t get rich, but we’ll help to create a world we appreciate more, through one of the things we like the most: tea.

The Teazaar team promises to invest the profit into the future of great tea. We promise as well an ad-free platform and a very important voice for the members of the Teazaar platform. We are the same as other tea lovers.