Sichuan Hongya Tea – Places for Natural Tea?

Once leaving Chengdu you’re leaving the last city and you’re on your way to Tibet. Chengdu is located in the middle of a huge plate, where the edges of the plate are mountainous. These edges are the places where you find great tea, because the clouds often can’t go over the mountains and drop their precious rain. This rain keeps the soil wet and leaves the area almost all year round covered in a morning mist. The most famous example of this are the Himalayas: rain clouds form the Bay of Bengal try to find their way to the North, but often fail to reach China

Sustainable tea growers and the Teazaar community

In this article we describe how a sustainable tea grower can join and benefit from being part of the Teazaar community for sustainable tea. Tea growers only need a sustainable tea garden, joining the Teazaar community doesn’t require any registration fees. Teazaar is a community for tea lovers, on Teazaar there are three types of […]

Tea in the first half of my life

Tea childhood memories from a tea lover- chi chunli   I have drunk tea prepared by my mother since childhood so that I am deeply attached to tea, tea has grown on me during the first half of my life. She always prepared tea according to the ancient methods. Even though there are a variety of drinks on the market now, not bringing […]


Our Teazaar Team recently went on a little trip through the US to meet with various tea shops, tea lovers, and to attend the 2017 World Tea Expo in Las Vegas. We’ve wandered the streets of New York City, San Francisco, Los Angeles, in search of cool spots to have some tea, and in the […]

Huo Shui Tea

In an ancient book of legendary tales, there is a memorable story about a famous tea master who could recognise the various kinds of water people used in making tea. After tasting freshly made tea, he could say where the water came from and whether it was made with fresh living water, or stale dying […]

Our gift from mother nature

The earth that we live on is organized by a phenomenon we call mother nature, which covers and contains everything: all kinds of life, the vast universe, the beautiful earth, the broad ocean, the grand land and magnificent mountains. We don’t need to ask, we don’t need to help, we don’t need to find: Mother Nature is always there to take care of us, to provide us with the best.

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