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How can you help?

When we all work together, we can make a real difference. We can create an alternative world of tea, where everyone, including the environment benefits.  There are so many specific tasks that you could do to help, that I want to ask you the following first: Do you believe in a future for sustainable tea, can the tea utopia become […]

Tea Plantation Highlands
Teazaar Benefits

In this article we try to explain the benefits of using the Teazaar way for tea farms, tea shops and tea lovers. Tea farms, tea shops and tea lovers: 1. Tea growers can promote their good quality tea on the platform and sell this tea in small quantities to tea experts 2. Local tea experts buy […]

What is sustainable tea? Where can we find sustainable tea?

Teazaar is designed to change the world of tea into a more sustainable tea world. Sustainable tea gardens, together with professional tea shops and tea lovers make this possible. This all happens on teazaar.com: Only sustainable tea gardens can join. Professional tea shops buy directly through the platform from them. Tea lovers find the tea […]

A Simple Secret – Our Sustainable Tieguanyin Story

Welcome to Tiansheng sustainable Tieguanyin tea garden. My sustainable tea garden provides the best Anxi Tieguanxyin tea for the most competitive price. All teas are gifts from nature: natural and healthy. Let me introduce you to my simple secret.  Anxi county, Jiandou village Tiansheng Tieguanyin tea garden is located near the town of Tieguanyin, Anxi County of Fujian province. […]

Don’t forget the origin of tea (cha)

The name tea originates from the Chinese Cha2 茶. The Latin name for this specific species is Camelia, with the subspecies Camelia Sinensis, Camelia Assamica and Camelia Cambodia. Only the processed leaves and buds from one of these subspecies can be called Cha. These leaves with its name were exported all over the world, starting from China. […]

Zhenghe Sustainable Tea Farmers
The traditional processing method of Lapsang Souchong black tea

The traditional technique of “Lapsang Souchong ” refers to the Lapsang Souchong processed according to the traditional smoking methods. A traditional LapsangSouchong is a smoked one. In this article I’ll introduce this traditional techniques of the Lapsang Souchong process . Compared to the modern Lapsang Souchong production model, there are two more steps: the “pine […]

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