Teazaar Logistics - Natural tea shipped together, always an expert nearby

Teazaar Logistics

Tea logistics is not very efficient these days. Quality tea from different parts of the world is either shipped by plane, in small batches to tea merchants or shipped from tea traders to tea exporter to tea importers to tea wholesalers and finally to a tea shop. Customers worldwide purchase from tea traders in even smaller batches, as well shipped by planes.

Teazaar plans to change this. We collect your orders and ship them from a small number of harbors by temperature controlled containers, combined with all the orders from tea experts in your part of the world. Centrally organized tea logistics, reduces costs and is more sustainable.

For example: You own a specialty tea shop in Germany and need tea from Taiwan, Japan, South Korea and China mainland. We have all those teas shipped to our China warehouse, combine them with all other orders from western Europe from these countries and ship them out all together to one or two harbors in western Europe.

Another example: You own a specialty tea shop in the US and need tea from Kenya, Malawi, Sri Lanka, Nepal and India. We have your African teas shipped to our warehouse in Kenya, and the teas from Sri Lanka, Nepal and India to our Sri Lanka warehouse. We combine all the shipments from North-America from these two warehouses and ship them out together (preferably one or two times per year).

Okay, one more example: You own a specialty tea shop in China, where you sell teas from China, Hawaii, Sri Lanka and Kenia. Your teas from China will be shipped to you directly from the tea farms, and your teas from Hawaii will be taken with the same ship that shipped tea from China to the US. The ship that returns from Europe will take your Sri Lanka and Kenia tea.

Our software will collect all this data and finds the most efficient way of shipping the tea. This efficient should be as well the most environmental friendly way. Our learning software advises you on the number of shipments per year, the amount you should order, etc.

When we combine all these orders, we can discuss with shipping and logistic companies all over the world for the most reasonable price. Tea shops, restaurants and hotels all over the world offer this great teas, therefore tea lovers will be always a short bike-ride away from a local tea expert (where they can tell tea lovers about how to drink the tea, explain the background of the tea or just enjoy a cup of tea together with the local expert).

Teazaar will help you organize the shipping, but won’t charge you anything extra. You just pay your part of the shipping costs.