As any organization, we can’t survive on tea alone.

Everybody can join Teazaar and it’s free to join, there’s only a small fee for successful transactions between a tea grower and a tea shop. These fees keep the company stable and will be invested in quality control, tea garden inspections, research, etc. etc.

To connect all the sustainable tea gardens and local tea shops in a short time frame, we’re looking for investors. If you’re interested in investing in Teazaar, then think of the following opportunities:

– Invest in research related to tea growing, and help developing new tea varieties and smart biodiverse ways to avoid pests and enrich the soil without added fertilizers. Invest as well in a simple way (an app) for testing tea
– Invest in sustainable tea gardens to give more tea growers the opportunity to grow sustainable tea
– Invest in development of sail/solar driven boats which can transport all our teas
– Invest in local tea shop owners
– Invest in tea education, help with setting up a tea university in cooperation with a number of universities in the world
– Invest in the Teazaar platform, to help Teazaar find better ways to provide the rights teas for the right areas
– Invest in the Teazaar company and keep the company strong

Teazaar is an ad-free platform, therefore we don’t accept promotion offers and advertisement on the platform.