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Costs and procedure




Members of the Teazaar community buy from their local tea experts. Local tea experts buy directly from professional tea growers.

There is no registration fee for tea growers. It’s free!

There is no registration fee for tea experts. It’s free!

There is no registration fee for tea lovers. It’s free!

Local tea shops, restaurants, hotels, etc. decide themselves the selling price for the tea they buy from the tea growers. Tea lovers will be directed from the Teazaar platform to the web shop of the tea shop. If the tea shop doesn’t have a web shop, then tea lovers will be directed to the address and contact info of the tea shop. There are no costs related to this.

Teazaar only charges a small percentage of every successful sales of a tea grower to the tea reseller (10% for international (e.g. China to Canada) sales and 5% for local sales (e.g. India tea grower to India tea shop). For this, we help you to reduce logistic costs, we research tea, we maintain an ad-free platform, we visit all the tea gardens, check the quality and promote sustainable tea growing. 

Although great tea is not cheap, buying through Teazaar guarantees a reasonable price and profit for growers who care for their tea. Moreover, every sales through Teazaar will contribute to a more sustainable world of tea. Because of Teazaar, small-scale sustainable tea growers have the opportunity to sell their tea directly to tea shops all over the world. They’ll compete for quality and sustainability instead of just the price. Because of Teazaar tea shops can offer a unique selection of high grade sustainable teas. Because of the Teazaar tea growers and tea shops, tea lovers don’t need to worry about the quality anymore. Tea lovers just enjoy great tea and contribute to the future of tea.






When a tea shop owner would like to sell good quality sustainable tea, he or she goes to the Teazaar platform and visits a number of tea gardens online. Once clear about the options, a number of teas is selected. The minimum order quantity is 5kg, and the tea shop owners orders 3 different teas from three different tea gardens. The total order of 15 kg will show up in the shopping card and the tea shop owner can pay for its tea. At that moment the shipping costs are not calculated, since the real shipping costs are not clear yet. The tea shop owner only needs to pay these shipping costs, once the goods arrived without any problem at the destination. Then Teazaar will send an invoice and the shipping costs can be paid. All these costs are the costs of the tea farm, Teazaar only takes care that the bills will be paid.

Once the payment for the goods is received, Teazaar pays 50% of the ordered amount to the account of the tea garden’s owner. Then, once the good arrive at the tea shop, the other 50% plus the actual shipping costs will be released.

The tea shop owners have to rate the tea gardens from which they bought there tea.


For a number of months, orders will be send out by express shipping, directly to the tea shops. Then after a number of months, we start reducing the shipping costs, by combining shippings and send them per boat (cool container) all over the world. This will drastically lower the price of the shipping. It’s just that we need some volume, before we can start combining orders.