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About Teazaar


About Teazaar Tea Network for Sustainable tea

Teazaar is not about a person, a company nor a brand. Teazaar is about you and sustainable tea. This platform is built to offer you an alternative. A transparent tea world, for fair trade and biodiversity.

Tea Community

Teazaar is a tea community with all tea growers, tea lovers and tea shop owners on one platform. Members of the Teazaar community decide about good tea, decide which tea farms and tea shops can join Teazaar and decide what tea they drink. Just register at Teazaar to start visiting and rating tea farms, tea shop, restaurants and lunchrooms. Visit professional tea growers from Malawi to Nepal, from China to India, online.. always nearby. Find professional tea shops in every country, always nearby for a great cup of tea and advise.

Sustainable Tea 

We support sustainable leaf tea. Teazaar supports growers and shops who just love their tea. Teazaar assists with tea logistics, quality control and visits the tea farms for you. We believe that a transparent tea world doesn’t need complicated and costly certification systems. There’s only one simple Teazaar standard: 0 (zero): no pesticides, no chemical fertilizers, just no chemicals, only completely natural. We believe that central organized tea logistics reduces costs and will be more sustainable.