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On Teazaar tea growers sell their tea directly to tea lovers. However, not all tea growers can join. Only tea from tea growers who decide to grow their tea in a completely natural, biodiverse way, who love nature and have passion for tea. The Teazaar team will inspect their tea farm, only afterwards tea lovers can buy their tea. All very unique teas.                       

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The highest grades natural tea for the lowest price

When you buy tea from Teazaar growers, this is how we calculate the price: tea garden management fee + tea picking fee + tea processing fee + tea shipping fee + teazaar handling fee + shipping fee + tax duties. No other fees included, therefore you pay the lowest possible price for the highest grades handpicked and completely natural tea. Handpicked from biodiverse tea farms, at the perfect picking time.  

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Tea Lovers Community

Tea lovers don’t have to worry about any chemicals in tea and can drink completely natural, handmade tea. Grown and offered by passionate tea people. Tea lovers have a completely transparent overview of where their tea is from. On Teazaar you’ll find if your tea is purchased from a sustainable tea grower. Tea lovers can join the community, connect with other tea lovers and write articles about their experiences. All tea lovers are welcome! 

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Drink the best natural tea while changing the world of tea. Teazaar is a groundbreaking cooperation striving to reinvent the world of tea. Teazaar combines its completely transparent tea trading platform with a social tea network, in which tea lovers and sustainable tea farms together shape the future of sustainable tea. In this highly efficient supply chain, not only tea lovers, and farms benefit, but also the environment. Biodiverse tea farming, our no-pesticides and no-chemical-fertilizer rules and our fair wage policy form the foundation of Teazaar. This silent revolution will guarantee the availability of high-quality and healthy tea for both us and future generations to come.

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The teazaar community for sustainable tea.

Everyone, including the environment benefits, together we're changing the world of tea.

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Apply as a Tea Farm Owner

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